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Dear Friend,

You are not reading this letter by chance. There is a God in heaven who sees and knows everything. You might wonder why, if there is a God, He allows you or others around you to suffer. Why, if God is loving, would He allow children to go hungry or be hurt and abused? The truth is, the reason a loving God allows these things is actually because of love.

You see, God made the whole world, us included, and He wants to be loved by us. The bible, (God’s word) tells us God created humans for his pleasure and in his image (to be like Him). But because the first man, Adam, broke God’s law (he “sinned”), we are forever separated from God. This cycle of sin continues as many people who were abused, for example, abuse others.

So why doesn’t God destroy all who break His law? The truth is, there wouldn’t be anyone left if He did. The bible tells us that “all have sinned” and so we are all guilty of breaking God’s law. Jesus, the son of God, taught that God cares about your intentions, not just your actions. So, even if you just hate someone, it is the same to God as if you have killed him. Or if you look at another person with lust, it is the same as committing adultery. Nothing we can do (or not do) can make us right with God, who is the Great Judge. God’s punishment for sinners is Hell and eternal separation from God. We can’t just tell God all the good things we have done once we die. The bible says we must not just know God, but be known by Him.

What Then Can Be Done?

Good News! God sent his son, Jesus, to take the punishment for the whole world by dying on the cross. So, it is all taken care of, right? No, it’s more complicated than that. You have to accept his gift. How? This is done by repenting (turning from sin and turning toward God) and trusting in Jesus who died for you and was raised from the dead. You can’t just do this because “it makes sense.” The bible teaches that true, saving faith in God comes from hearing the word of God, and this letter contains the word of God.

If you feel the Spirit of God helping you to realize that you are lost without him, 


with repentance and sorrow. Tell him you are done living for yourself, and begin living for Him. He will not turn you away. Turn from your sin, and put your trust in JESUS.


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