No Man Can Come to Me, Except the Father Draw Him

No wit or will of man,

Or learning he may boast,

No power of reason can

Draw sinners unto Christ;

So fallen is nature, such her flaw,

None come except the Father draw.


His Spirit must disclose

The deadly plague within,

Uncover all our woes,

And show the man of sin;

And feeling thus our ruined state,

We humbly fall at Jesus’ feet.


The Comforter must teach

The Saviour’s toil and smart,

And with conviction preach

Atonement to the heart;

Then sinners gaze with ravished eyes,

And feast upon the sacrifice.


The Spirit, too, must show

The power of Jesus’ arm,

To vanquish every foe,

And guard the soul from harm;

Believers then grow strong in faith,

And triumph over sin and death.


So let my heart be drawn

To Jesus Christ the Lord,

And learn to feast upon

His person and his word,

Feel sweet redemption through his blood,

And give the glory all to God.


J. Berridge, ca 1770

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