Does God exist?
Did Jesus really exist?
Did Jesus really heal people, and raise them from the dead?
Is Jesus God?
Is the Bible God’s word?
Is there Heaven and Hell?
Is Jesus the only way to get into Heaven?

Before you answer any of the questions above, take a moment to think about your answer, and if you would be able to defend it, should it be challenged.

Take the question of “Is Jesus God?” Think about it….do you know the answer? Can you defend your answer? Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus is God? How do you know that what the Bible says about Jesus and God is true and not some story? How do you know that Jesus and God are real?

I digress…

This quote below is an excerpt from a book I am reading…thought I would share it…it is a story from Dr. R.C. Sproul, a great Christian apologist and theologian of our day…before he held the title of “Dr Sproul.”

“Sproul was sitting innocently enough in his freshman college English class. Perhaps he was daydreaming. Right in the middle of class, the professor—a former war correspondent hostile to Christianity–looked at Sproul and asked, ‘Mr. Sproul, do you believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God?’ Sproul was shaken by the question. ‘I gasped,’ he said of the moment, which he believes to be one of the most humiliating in his life. ‘I felt the weight of her question, and I knew that every eye in the room was on me. My mind raced for a way to escape my dilemma. I knew if I said yes, people would be angry. At the same time, if I said no, I would be betraying Christ.’

Sproul muttered almost inaudibly, ‘Yes, I do.’

The teacher responded with unmitigated fury. In front of the class, with a voice as loud as a rocket launcher, she yelled at Sproul, ‘That is the most narrow-minded, bigoted, and arrogant statement I have ever heard in my life! You must be a supreme egotist to believe that your way of religion is the only way.’

Sproul, thoroughly embarrassed and taken aback, slouched meekly in his chair without saying another word.”

Even the “great ones” such as Dr. Sproul have failed to defend Christianity at one time or another. As you grow in your walk with the Lord, remember to “study to show yourself approved” and to “always be ready to give an answer” to the hope of Jesus Christ. Be an informed follower of Jesus.

If you do not know how to defend your answer to any of the above questions, make it a point to do so. Seek out a spiritual mentor—someone who can help you in your quest to be a better-equipped servant of the Most High God.

“…be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you…” 1 Peter 3:15

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