The Man of Constant Sorrow

This morning while running some errands, I walked by a very rough looking man with long ratty hair and tattoos. He was waiting for the music store to open, and to kill time he was playing the “Man of Constant Sorrow” song on his banjo (from the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou?”)…it was amazing. I walked past him, then I felt the Spirit leading me to go back and talk to him. I walked up to him, listened to him play for a bit, and then started singing to his pickin’. He then joined in on the second verse and for a moment I felt like a blue grass star! When he was done, I commended him on his banjo playing, and he said, “This is what I do. I love to teach people what I know. To whom much is given, much is required.”

There it is! An opportunity to talk to him about Jesus! I was excited, and I then replied, “Do you know the origin of that statement?” To which he replied, “Yes, Luke 12:48.”

Wow. This was SO not the answer I had expected. The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, some Clint Eastwood movie…but not the book, chapter and verse! After I got over my shock of his amazingly accurate response, I asked him if he had trusted Jesus as his savior and if he had been born again. He replied, “Son, I’m a bought-out, sold-out born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ” He went on to say that he used his banjo/guitar instructions to talk to kids and guide them to the cross so they didn’t have to go through what he did…45 years of a life of blasphemy, to get to the point where they serve Christ with all their hearts. So, I started wondering, “why did the Holy Spirit tell me to go talk to this man?” “My name’s Andy” he said, “and I want you to know that you have been an encouragement to me. I know I don’t look like you, and for you to come up and share your faith encourages me as a believer to follow suit. I know God sent you over here, and thank you for listening to his call.”

WOW! Man, God is good.

Watch this short video below. It is of an experience Penn, the famous, blasphemous, atheist magician/entertainer. He talks about how someone gave him a Bible after the show…his haunting words, “…if you truly believe there is a Heaven and a Hell, and people are going to Hell…How much do you have to hate someone…to not share your faith..” This is from a Godless Atheist, and even he realizes the hypocrisy we sometimes have when we don’t tell people about our Jesus.


Now, go share your faith!

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